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Message from International Students

Gerelmaa Danaa Master's student in the second year (Mongolia)

I had always dreamed of a chance to study in Shinshu, rich in nature. Having enrolled at the Faculty of Agriculture, I was struck by the size of the campus with rich fields and orchards stretching away into the distance and facilities for livestock and dairy farming. I'm studying Agricultural Economics, and not a day goes to waste. Shinshu has become my second home.

Tom Jones Forest Science (England)

I've been given a very warm welcome since arriving in Shinshu last April. The Faculty of Agriculture has a good range of facilities and a stunning location with panoramic views of the Southern and Central Alps. The teaching staff and official at the university are friendly and open, while the locals are generous and proud of their heritage. In short, this is an ideal place to study as an International Student.

Wang Heman Forest Science (China)

"I want to have fun at university!"
"I want to pick up some practical knowledge!"
"I want a great teaching staff!"
If you said "YES" to these 3 things, then may be the Faculty of Agriculture is the place for you! This is the place to see a side of Japan you won't find in the big cities.
Give it a go!(*^_^*)

Zhang Wendo Doctoral student (China)

The Faculty of Agriculture of Shinshu University is in Nagano Prefecture, in the middle of Honshu Island in Japan. Foreign students from over 10 countries are studying in this faculty. We, the foreign students are very much devoted to our studies. In addition to our studies, We exchange culture with each other. Various activities organized by Shinshu University and various organizations which support the students in various way have been making efforts to communicate and exchange our views with those of the local people. They also provide ample opportunities for us to know Japanese culture and society from the local people. Nagano is famous for its natural beauty. The 1998 Olympic Winter Games were held in Nagano. So, if you are interested in studying hard while enjoying the beauty of nature and enjoying outdoor games like skiing, mountain climbing and fishing, we are sure that Shinshu University is the best place for you. Besides these, you will get various fresh vegetables and delicious fruits here all year round which are essential for your health. Overall, Shinshu University is a very nice place not only to study but also for learning a lot about traditional Japanese culture. We came China and have been studying for 4 Years in Shinshu University. We don't feel lonely here at all. We feel that we are lucky to get such a chance to study at Shinshu University as a foreign student. We are waiting for you join Shinshu University.

Joni Kjansuu Doctoral student (Finland)

Hi everybody!My name is Joni And I come from Finland, I studied in Shinshu University's Faculty of Agriculture. To be surrounded by the Japanese Alps and, especially during the spring, to see all these snow-topped moutain around me just gets me into a good mood. I love "Onsen" and in Ina there are a couple of really enjoyable one and I always wait to get a chance to relax and chitchat with local Japanese. The Sauna is a excellent place to practice words just learned in a Japanese class and even to learn some new local ones. You certainly should try it. If I feel like a metropolitan atmosphere I usually go to Tokyo or Nagoya, a weekend trip is always enough for me. Taking a bus is very convenient and not too expensive compared to the price level in Japan. I know that my time at Shinshu University will fly like a jet and in no time I will be on a plane back to Finland.

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