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Division of Agriculture

Division of Agriculture

Division of Agriculture

Food Production Science

In a time when there is a demand for a stable food http://www.shinshu-u.ac.jsupply and safe, high quality products, we must develop production and environmentally amenable production techniques. We offer wide-ranging education and research, from the molecular and cellular level to solid objects and clusters at field level.

Forest Science

By analyzing the multiple functions of material resources, living resources and forests as environmental resources, we conduct comprehensive education and research into the environment of alpine and mountain land, as well as rural areas, working on their consolidation, protection and improvement as well as cultural structuring.

Bioscience and Biotechnology

Through the analysis of the life processes of animals, plants and microorganisms at the molecular level, we provide education and research into the development and use of the functions of living organisms and as a living resource, through organic science, biochemistry, molecular biology, breeding and genetic science.

Science of Functional Foods Integrated Department

Through education and joint public research we investigate the genetic modification of functional factors in food resources, work to contribute foods to prevent and treat specific disease, as well as creating non-hazardous and actively enhanced food resources.