Completion of International Center for Science and Innovation at Shinshu University: March 31, 2015

International Center for Science and Innovation at Shinshu University which is established for the Global Aqua Innovation Center was completed on March 31, 2015. Opening Ceremony is scheduled on 2, June and after that, the 2nd floor for exhibition corner will be open to public.

International Center for Science and Innovation was chosen for the "Project for Establishment of International Center for Science and Innovation by Industry-University Cooperation Utilizing Regional Resources, etc."(2012), publicly offered by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, and has been established through the support of the government.

The objective of the said project is to establish a "place", that is, "International Center for Science and Innovation", for universities and industries to get together under the same roof in order to identify innovative research and development challenges looking ten years ahead and work on them under the integration of different fields. Another objective of the project is to work to develop a platform in Japan to create revolutionary innovations in order to flexibly utilize the resources of each region as well as creating new industries and jobs.

This building is steel construction, 7 floors aboveground and 1 floor underground, which will be used for not only the main facility of the Global Aqua Innovation Center, but also for exhibition corner to showcase achievements, workshop studio and seminar space, and measurement and analytical evaluation facilities and numerical analytical facilities. And environmentally friendly technologies such as a solar power generation, a fuel cell and snow-melting system using groundwater heat are provided to contribute to a low-carbon society.